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VictorianLadiesEssential Oil
Victorian ladies is the brand which is known for its pure and authentic products. We, at Victorian ladies, have a wide range of beauty oils. Amyris is an essential oil obtained from the wood of the Amyris balsamifera tree. A native of Haiti, this particular tree is frequently known as the West Indian Sandalwood tree, since it’s wood features a fragrance much like that of sandalwood. Just like sandalwood, amyris wood may be used to make furniture. It’s also referred to as candle wood since, with its tendency to burn longer than other woods, it’s got frequently been utilized as a beacon. Oil is obtained from amyris wood by the method referred to as steam distillation. Recognized to have germ killing as well as calming qualities, amyris is utilized in several herbal treatments. It’s been utilized to deal with influenza as well as diarrhea, and it has been discovered efficient like a mosquito repellent. As a possible ingredient in several massage oils, it provides rest from muscle pains, and it’s also frequently utilized in aromatherapy like a herbal cure for decreasing tension and stress. Amyris is additionally utilized in numerous skincare herbal treatments as well as cosmetics. The essential oil assists in skin regeneration, and is also a great home herbal remedy to deal with wounds, dry skin and lots of other skin conditions. It is essential to observe that the oil must be diluted in vegetable oil before you apply it on the skin; it doesn’t dissolve in water. The oil shouldn’t be ingested or brought in direct connection with the eyes or even the mucus membranes, and really should be kept far away from children.

How to Use:-  

(1) Use it in a diffuser as a natural room freshener. (2) Inhale directly from the bottle. (3) Added to a bowl of hot water to create aromatic steam.(4) Diluted in carrier oil and added to a warm bath. (5) Mixed with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, and applied topically or as a massage oil. (6) Test the mixture on a small, inconspicuous area of your skin before you apply it somewhere sensitive, like your face. If after 24 hours you see redness or irritation, don’t use the mixture.


Do not apply directly to skin, always dilute with carrier oil. (2) Use any carrier/essential oil for best results. (3) Apply the oil after washing the face. (4) Keep it away from the children. (5) Pregnant ladies are advised to consult doctor before using it.

Amyris essential oil

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